Duck Egg Blue Bed Linen

Duck Egg Blue seems to become more and more popular. When I was growing up, and that’s not all that long ago, I don’t think I came across many items that were that colour, other than maybe, well, duck eggs.

However, these days it’s nearly impossible to not stumble across it everywhere. And especially in home interior design such as towels, bed linen, tiles, curtains etc. Its popularity is down to the unique blend of green and blue. It makes it a very soothing, calming yet uplifting colour.

Duck Egg Blue duvet covers would equally fit into a cottage from the 17th century as well as a modern barn conversion or a stylish new apartment overlooking a river. It looks warm and cosy on cold winter days and cool and refreshing in the hot summer months. In short, it’s a very versatile colour that lends itself for the master bed room to guest and children’s rooms.

Because it’s blue I sometimes hear opinions of it being too boyish. For some unexplainable reason that is not the case though. I have seen duck egg blue used in many a wedding decoration, which, even though a bloke is involved most of the time, is still mostly girlie. There is also such a thing as duck egg blue sugar paste for cupcake decorating. And let’s be honest, cupcakes are really just for the girls, aren’t they. So there you have it. Duck egg blue is so versatile, it really does work for men and women, old or new, everyday use or special occasions.

Duck egg blue bed linen

In our selection we have found a large variety of different bed linen in duck egg blue. It’s starting with a very affordable price. This usually means it’s not a 100% cotton but a cotton blend. Perfect for the smaller budget or for linen that might not be used so often like for guests, or duvet covers that just don’t have to be too perfect cos they are gonna be put through its paces like bed linen for small children – jam stains anyone?

We do have a wide selection of high quality duck egg covers as well though. If you’re looking for bed linen of the high end range, a good call is usually Egyptian Cotton. It’s fantastic quality and you can really notice the difference. Have you ever stayed in a really good hotel? Remember the feeling of the bed linen? There you go, you can have that everyday at home if you chose the right duvet cover. The standard rule is, the higher the thread count, the better the quality. But remember, once you’ve tried a 400 thread count Egyptian cotton duck egg blue duvet cover, you’re not gonna go back. Ever.

If you’re looking for something in between the affordable and the high end stuff, there is plenty of choice there, too. John Lewis, in particular, have some wonderful duvet covers that needn’t cost the earth but still look ever so stylish and beautiful. Even Cath Kidston have picked up on the duck egg blue trend and have a lovely set of spotty duck egg blue duvet covers.

So there is a great choice of all sorts of styles to suit everyone’s wants and needs. And we really mean, everyone.

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