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Flowers are great. Every girl likes to see flowers, whether that means real life ones or floral patterns. As for duvet covers, the floral patterns come in such great variety that there is a lot to choose from. Sometimes even too much. Therefore we have done the hard work for you. We have selected a wonderful choice of amazing floral duvet covers for you. All of them stylish and elegant and lots of different ones so we have a wide choice to offer.

Whether it’s just a subtle embroidery that you’re after or some great big floral patterns, you can be sure to find the right thing for you in our section below. Whether you want a mainly white one with little white strewn flowers, big pink roses or quite groovy abstract ones, we can help.

Many different designers like Cath Kidston, Orla Kieley, Designers Guild and PiP Studio have taken inspiration from the humble flower and have created the most lovely examples of flowery richness.

My favourite ever duvet cover, however, is not a designer one but one from John Lewis. It’s the John Lewis Oriental Flower Duvet Cover in duck egg blue. I think duvet covers don’t come prettier than this. Apart from the fact that I love duck egg blue, I adore the embroidery on it. It really does look like oriental flowers and whenever I slip into bed with this bedding on, I picture myself in Japan for the cherry blossom festival. The material is so lovely and soft that it might well be a bed of cherry blossoms that you are lying on. This duvet cover is also fantastic value for money. The single set comes for as little as £40 and you will be getting a wonderful bedlinen that holds its shape and colour even after numerous washes. The 200 thread count cotton makes it especially soft but also easy care. So the best of all words.

Even though I’m in love with this duvet cover, it’s not the only fantastic one. If you are looking for something really quite girly, take a look at the Cath Kidston range. The antique rose one in particular would make any young woman really happy and it creates an absolute focus point for the room.

Same goes for the very modern and contemporary though at the same time unashamedly girly range from PiP Studio. They have taken floral patterns to a whole new level with such bold and bright colours and patterns. They certainly celebrate the flower and everything floral.

So if you have set your heart on a floral pattern, you will not be disappointed in our choice. Just take a browse through the lot and loose yourself in all these wonderful, stylish floral duvet covers. If you thought all floral patterns are old lady like, you will not believe your eyes.

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