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Purple is quite a special colour. It’s not as easily distinguishable as others, like pink and green, it somehow has something quite mysterious about itself. You can equally imagine some oriental theme with a dark and smoky purple wallpaper and purple bedlinen, as well as a light and springy, flowery purple that makes the whole room look fresh and airy.

We made sure that we have taken all aspects of purple into our selection of duvet covers. The dark and warm, the breezy and airy ones, the light and dark purples. The bedlinen that are pure and only purple and the ones where purple is a small but significant feature of the whole thing, be that as a flowery background or a patchwork assemble.

For some people purple is clearly in the corner with other girly colours such as pink and rose or red. But we beg to differ. Such is the diversity of purple that it can be so dark and rich that it would not look out of place in a bachelors pad.

If we compare for example the John Lewis Easycare Egyptian Cotton Duvet Covers, Damson with the Bloom duvet covers by Dotmaison, it couldn’t get much more different than that. The John Lewis one is deep and rich and would fit right into a bedroom with mostly dark walls or grey and rich furniture. Whereas the Bloom bedlinen is light and airy and will look nice in a warm light summers room with white walls and mostly white accessories. Yet both are purple.

Another thing that purple “does” well is textures. You will find lots of textured and embroidered examples on the purple page. Somehow it just goes well. If you take a look at the John Lewis Tucks Duvet Cover, Cassis you can see what we mean. The striped pattern looks lovely and clear, yet at the same time inoffensive and fitting. You could imagine people calling this duvet cover plain or stripy.

Purple really is a nice colour to play around with, it fits in well with most themes and colours and if you find the right shade, you will certainly not be disappointed when you choose a purple duvet cover. We have made it easy for you and have put together a great choice of purple bedlinen. They are all from reputable UK retailers, are good value for money and are really stylish.

So there is no need for you to work your way through numerous websites trying to find the good stuff. We’ve already done the hard work for you. On our purple duvet covers page, you will only find the best quality and fair prices. If you’re sure that purple is the right colour for you, then you will definitely find the right duvet cover in our selection below. Take your time and have a browse.

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