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Cath Kidston have achieved something remarkable. They have managed to create such a unique brand that everyone knows it’s their design when they see it. It’s so distinctive and unashamedly girly, it jumps out at you and captures your imagination.

Many women associated a certain lifestyle with Cath Kidston designs as well. They see themselves dressed in a Cath Kidston dress running in slow motion after a beautiful child on a meadow laughing and singing. OK, this may be a bit too corny for some, but the designs do have that effect somehow. They are so flowery and colourful they give you an instant lift and make you smile.

Naturally we have included a section for Cath Kidston bed linen on our website. They come in so many different styles and types, yet still manage to come across as distinctively Cath Kidstonish, it’s one of our best sellers.

There are lots of lovely sets available for children. ‘Flowers and roses for little girls, stripes and cars for boys. It would be hard to not find a set that fits into your child’s bedroom.

Of course there is a large range for grown ups as well. The most popular one being the Antique Rose bed set. It’s a high quality 200 thread count cotton duvet cover that just lifts up any room from boring to amazing, from dull to unique.

So Cath Kidston duvet covers will make your bedroom so much more homely. You will look forward to retiring in there after a long day with a book, with your knitting or listening to Book at Bedtime on Radio 4. There is something about the Cath Kidston designs that will make you just want to take everything a bit slower, bake cakes and enjoy life.

If your bedroom has white walls and white accessories a Cath Kidston duvet cover would really give the room a focus point and would lift it up. However, if you have several different colours and colour schemes in your room already a duvet cover from Cath Kidston would equally fit in nicely. That’s the magic of their designs, they can be focus point as well as blend in with a different styles and colours.

The designs are contemporary yet traditional, girly and flowery yet grown up and sophisticated. We honestly don’t know how Cath Kidston manage to achieve all of this, but they do. And this is why their duvet covers are some of the bestsellers of our website. They magically fit into most scenarios, most bedrooms, most lives and not only fit in, they improve, uplift and brighten your home.

Cath Kidston duvet cover

Provence by Cath Kidston

So whether you are looking for a present for someone you love or you are shopping for yourself, quality, design and appearance of Cath Kidston duvet covers won’t disappoint you. They are becoming more and more popular and more and more people are aware of the fantastic designs and excellent value for money Cath Kidston designs are providing.

In short, whatever you are expecting of your duvet cover, Cath Kidston bed linen will not only match your expectations but will exceed them. You can’t go wrong with one of those.

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