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Descamps is a linen company based in Paris, who have become incredibly successful due to their quality of linen and their history of being a well trusted brand. They have been manufacturing their products since 1888, so they know a thing or two about what makes a good sheet.

Descamps only uses the finest materials and the longest fibres in the manufacturing process, which include cotton, silk, and linen. The quality of the bed linen they produce is second to none, so if you’re really looking for something decadent, hard-wearing, and luxurious, Descamps is the brand for you.

Although they have been around for a very long time, the designs are not dated. They have a design team who work hard to keep their styles as contemporary as possible, appealing to the maximum number of clients.

Descamps are proud of their well-honed skills when it comes to the creation of the finest bed linen. The fibres are woven together incredibly tightly, ensuring hard-wearing products. They also keep their original colours for a lot longer due to their heat processing. The finished products are uniquely finished with exceptional attention to detail, including embroidery, piping, hemstitches and double flying, really utilising the skills developed in their time as master linen makers.

The company was actually founded in 1802 in the north of France, so they have been around for over two hundred years. However, this was a much smaller business. Auguste Descamps opened a small workshop in Lille with his sons. During the industrial revolution, the spinning mill became a more popular method, and so a new company was born under the name Descamps Senior. By the early twentieth century, linen weaving was more popular, and the company produced their own canvases as cotton became more popular in Europe. In the 1950, there was a hugeadvertising campaign to sell Descamps sheets, which meant that more and more customers knew about their wares. By the sixties, the colours of the linen were completely revolutionised by collaboration with an American company. In the seventies, the brand exploded onto the scene in a more worldwide sense, especially after Ingrid Bergman opened up a Descamps store in New York. At this point, there were many stores in France and worldwide.

By the millennium, the collections available from Descamps were much more related to the feeling of the sheets and the emotions around them. Not only were they designed to be comfortable, the patterns and the materials were inspired by emotion and seductive qualities, particularly aimed at the ‘beautiful people’ in the world.
Nowadays, Descamps provides a trusted, high-quality brand which epitomises the French style and way of life. The sheets are timeless and refined, and are an excellent investment.

Products can be purchased from their stores or online. Items available include pillowcases, flat sheets, bottom sheets, fitted sheets, duvet covers and duvets, as well as accessories. A lot of the products are made with the highest quality Egyptian cotton, so you’re guaranteed to get a life-long product.

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