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Kirstie Allsopp is most well known for her career as a television presenter. Her television programmes have included ‘Location, Location, Location’, ‘Relocation, Relocation’, ‘The Property Chain’, ‘Kirstie’s Homemade Home’, ‘Location Revisited’, and ‘Kirstie’s handmade Britain’.

She was raised in Wiltshire in a small village by her mother (an interior designer) and her father (who worked at Christie’s Auctioneers). Unsurprisingly, her parents’ professions’ influenced her choice of career massively. She was known to be obsessed with how her bedroom looked from an early age, and her interest in collecting interesting antique items to furnish houses only grew as she did.

In her early twenties she worked with Nicky Haslam, a famous interior designer, and managed to land a job working for Country Living Magazine. By the mid nineties she had set up her own property search company with a friend, and it wasn’t too long before she was approached by a production company to host the show ‘Location, Location, Location’. She landed the job working with Phil Spencer, and they became the hottest property couple on Channel Four.
Once she’d made a name for herself on TV, Allsopp was free to work in whatever realm she wanted to. Still close to her heart was the idea of home and craft, and so she went on to do the show ‘Kirstie’s Homemade Home’. She has also published a number of books on crafts.

Unsurprisingly, it was only a matter of time before her name was put to various products. She has recently collaborated to create a line of soft furnishings, mainly bedding, linen, and bedroom accessories. The line is known as Kirstie Allsopp Home Living, and has been a huge success. She was asked to design all of the products herself, and has taken pride in doing the project. At present, it’s a limited range, but there are plans to expand as it has been so well received. Her products are available in a number of stores over the UK and online, and in 2011 Marks and Spencer began to sell the home wares.

The style of the bed sheets are in-keeping with her rural beginnings. They have a particularly country-life feel to them, as though they have been taken straight from a country cottage. So if you want your bedroom to have the feel of a countryside getaway, Kirstie Allsopp’s bed linen might be the right choice for you.

The colours are particularly girly, with lots of pinks, greens, and soft greys. A lot of the ranges are even named after girls, such as Lydia, Mollie, Mallory, and Agnes. The patterns are flowery, spotty, or stripy, or in the style of traditional country quilts. There’s also a more natural looking collection, with softer, muted tones. But they are of exceptionally high quality and made for comfort as well as style. The idea is that the bed is welcoming and relaxing. Prices are very reasonable, with pairs of pillowcases starting from £15, cushion accessories starting from £17, and throws at around £60.

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