Kylie at Home Bed Linen Range

First of all, yes, it’s THE Kylie. She’s not just a good singer and dancer, but also had a good go at designing her own bedlinen. And they are quite something. They are very opulent and glamorous and might not be to everyone’s taste. Certainly not if you like it subtle. But you know what, there is so much subtle and middle of the road stuff around that it feels really refreshing to look at something so unashamedly over the top.

You can just imagine coming home from a stressful day at work, taking a long hot bath and then retiring with the newest Cosmopolitan magazine in your Kylie bedlinen. Sometimes this just feels right and it should be celebrated.

These bedlinen are clearly designed for women and use all available resources to make them look special and glittery and shiny. Some of the duvet covers have tops made of a mix of polyester and viscose, so they are so special to look at. However, that often doesn’t feel very nice to the touch, so underneath they are 100% cotton to make them luxurious to look at but extra soft to sleep in.

The Kylie duvet covers will really enhance any bedroom. If you’re a bit bored of all the usual bedding, then the Kylie range may be just the right thing for you. And don’t think that you will have to have an opulent bedroom to match. Kylie’s bedlinen will do it for you. So even with plain old white walls and a wooden bed, get yourself some Kylie duvet covers and you will have a diva bedroom.

No matter which duvet cover you choose, they all have something so special about them. Take the purple sequin wave duvet cover for example. It’s an alluring mixture of satin and sequence waves and turns the most boring of bedrooms into the bedroom of your dreams.

Despite the different fabrics and lots of sequins, the Kylie duvet covers are machine washable so you don’t have to worry about hand washing or dry cleaning or similar.

The duvet covers come in all sizes from single and double to king and super king so you will find the right match for any bed.

If you have trouble convincing your partner of the virtues of such unashamedly feminine bedlinen, maybe try and go for one not so opulent, like the Kavala Kylie Bedding. It still has lovely silk and faux silk features but can easily be passed off as unisex rather than the more glamorous other types. So you can still indulge in a little bit of Kylie luxury without having to have separate bedrooms.

So just take a look at our hand selected choice of Kylie duvet covers and see which cover fits your personality, your lifestyle, your bedroom and your partner. With a wide range such as this, we are sure you will find the right one for you.

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