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Describing PiP Studio duvet covers is gonna be quite hard. They are very unique and distinctive but hard to pin down and describe. They include a mixture of so many things. Scandinavian design mixed with French country style but with Oriental and Indian influences as well. It is fresh, young and contemporary but uses old fashioned patchwork and floral prints with some exotic bird prints thrown in for good measure. Phew, I think that’s it in a nutshell.

These duvet covers are fantastic. They are so colourful and bold and not afraid to use this eclectic mix we’ve described. PiP Studio duvet covers just capture your imagination and make you want to escape from this world and enter their wonderful dream world.

The designer’s (nicknamed Pip) motto is “Happy products for happy people” and you can certainly see that she is trying to achieve exactly that. Looking at the PiP Studio bedlinen lifts you up and out of your bad mood and makes you feel, well, happy.

Because so many different styles have been used in the design, the duvet covers are really rather versatile. They look equally good in a 16th century cottage with old exposed beams, in a teenage girls bedroom or a new contemporary apartment for city dwellers.

PiP Studio bed linen

You might have to be a bit careful when choosing your set and bear in mind whether you already have a featured wall in your bedroom or strong colours. It might be a bit too much. If it’s the right colours on your feature wall, it might look fantastic though. If you want to be on the safe side, it might be a good idea to create a quite subtle background and let the duvet covers do all the extravagance. They are designed to be the focus point of a room, so why not let them do what they can do best. So ideally a white background works best for these PiP Studio duvet covers. They are so colourful themselves, they don’t need the help of accessories or colourful walls.

However, if you do want some accessories to go with your bedlinen, then don’t despair. PiP Studio themselves have a whole range of groovy home accessories including cushions and throws, as well as lots of other home interior things like plates and mugs. So you will be able to find matching accessories and can hence completely furnish your bedroom in this fantastic and very in fashion designers’ gear.

We have included a great range of PiP studio duvet covers in our selection. As always we only use good and trusted online retailers giving you the best quality and the best value for money. Especially the John Lewis range of PiP duvet covers is very comprehensive and it is always reassuring to do business with John Lewis. They somehow always get it right.

So why not take a look at our offers and treat yourself to one of these wonderful duvet covers. They will surely brighten your day, every time you step into your bedroom.

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