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When I expected my second child and was told it is a boy this time (first one is a girl) I was so, so happy. I would have one of each, how perfect was that. I had no idea about boys stuff though so I started to research all things boy.

I was quite surprised about how much lovely, lovely boys things are out there. Being a girl myself, having only nieces and a daughter, I never really looked into it that much. But now I could and what great fun it can be.

There is a lot out there though. Sometimes too much and it might confuse matters to have too much choice. Usually there is also so much irrelevant stuff around. I was quite adamant that I didn’t won’t any tv character or branded things for my baby boy. He would ask for that soon enough, so while I was in charge I wanted stylish, nice, good quality duvet covers for him.

We have therefore decided to separate all the different options. If you are being pestered by your 5 year old for a sponge bob square pants duvet cover, then check out our character duvet covers for boys. Or if you want to surprise your little boy with a duvet cover of his favourite football team, then see our page on football duvet covers. And if your little darling isn’t so little anymore and is throwing some of those famous teenage strops, then check out our duvet covers for teenage boys.

This means that on this page you will only find good and proper unbranded boys duvet covers. We have monsters and dinosaurs, cowboys and farm animals, stripes and stars, monkeys and cars, we have blue and green, khaki and grey, white and brown. We have everything a little boy (or his parents) might dream of.

Usually it goes the way, that you have chosen your boys favourite theme (jungle, robots, pirates etc.) and then you find everything that goes with it. However, you may want to just take a look at these great duvet covers. When I first checked them out, I nearly wanted to change the theme every time I saw a new one of these great options. So maybe just browse and let yourself be inspired by these lovely duvet covers. And then, once you’ve found the one you and your boy love, go and take it from there. Food for thought.

I personally am in love with the fabulous Monkey duvet set from Feathers and Black. Once I’d set my eyes on it, the jungle theme for the room manifested itself and I decorated it accordingly. The duvet set is extremely good quality and stays that way even after several washes. It feels very soft on your child’s skin and he will love slipping under the covers at night. The brown and the yellow colour lend themselves to several fantastic decorating ideas, the yellow in particular being fantastically rich. So all in all, I never regretted choosing my duvet cover before having agreed on the room.

Whichever option you choose, if you’re anything like me, you will wish to be small again (and in my case a boy :-) just to be able to experience such lovely variety in duvet covers.

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