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If you are looking for double duvet covers for children, this is the right site to come to. We have managed to find a lovely selection of both boys and girls double duvet covers. It might seem unusual to dedicate a whole page to double duvet covers, but it really is getting more and more popular for children to have double beds.

Traditionally children up to the age of at least 15 would have a single bed. However, more and more parents want to avoid buying so many different styles of beds and try to safe some money. So instead of going cot, cot bed, toddler bed, single bed and eventually double bed, they go straight from cot to double. And why not? If the space is there, there is no reason to go for all these in-between steps. Once children are aware of where they are sleeping, i.e. they have moved from the cot, they don’t usually fall out of bed all that often.

Having a double bed also means that story time is so much easier and parents can snuggle up on the bed with their kids while reading the Gruffalo. Much more enjoyable than sitting on the toddler chair next to the bed.

It also has an advantage when the children have nightmares or are upset during the night. Mum or Dad can just slide in beside them and make sure they nod off again nicely. Much easier than trying to squeeze into their single bed, never mind a toddler bed. Especially for children that don’t sleep so well, where parents have to go in most nights, it’s a nice way to ensure that both Mum, Dad and the little non-sleeper get some good kip. This way you can also make sure that they don’t always end up in your bed, good training for the future.

In short, although it might not be a popular opinion, there are lots of reasons why getting smaller children a double bed is a good idea.

One reason that puts some people off even considering it, is the issue of bed linen. It can be quite hard to find decent bedding for kids’ double beds. However there are some retailers that have started to offer that now and we have found a great selection of the best double duvet covers for children.

We have divided them into girls and boys sections. At this age it’s still quite important whether to go for the cowboy set or the flowery one, so we made this easier by splitting them up.

There are some brilliant duvet covers out there, so even if you have a certain theme to your kids’ bedroom, you most certainly will find the matching bedding in our selection. Cath Kidston duvet covers are a hit for girls bed rooms and go with so many girls’ bedroom themes, flowery, dotty, stripy. Check out our offers from John Lewis and House of Fraser for their stuff. Or the fairly new and very stylish Pip Studio range at John Lewis and Not on the High Street. Such are the lovely duvet covers that even Mummy might choose to sleep in there rather than in her boring old bed.

As for boys and Dads, well, sweet dreams will be guaranteed in some funky car bed linen by Feather and Blacks. Or how about a very current Olympics duvet cover. Team Britain will certainly approve and John Lewis, the “Official Department Store Provider to the London 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games” have some cracking linen offers.

Most retailers show prices and offers for children’s bedding in single size by default. However, if you just click on the single offers on show it will take you to the retailers website where you will find the double sizes as well. We made sure that we’ve chosen only the products that are available as a double.

We hope you have fun browsing through our section of kids double bedding. We certainly enjoyed choosing them.

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