Duvet Covers for Teenage Boys

Buying anything for teenage boys is not the easiest task, but buying duvet covers might seem even harder. They are not into any tv characters anymore. Having a sport team bedroom is so lame. Everything too grown up is boring though. So it might be a bit difficult to find something to rock their boat.

This is where we come in though. We’ve done the hard work and searched high and low for cool teenage bed linen that will be well received. We’ve bypassed those Sponge Bob duvet covers and Arsenal bed sheets and come up with a great selection of suitable choices that will most certainly get the approval of your boy, no matter what hormonal mood swing he’s just going through.

Long gone are the days where boys would just be OK with everything mum chooses and just don’t care about the appearance of their bedroom. These days not only do they know what they don’t want but they most certainly have big ideas what they do want. We’ve done our research and have selected some great duvet covers.

One very current favourite of teenage boys is anything to do with the Olympics. Even once they are over the buzz about them will remain for quite some time. So an Olympic based duvet cover from John Lewis is definitely gonna be a winner.

When it comes to teenage boys one rule is that design wise, less is definitely more. So don’t be afraid to just choose a plain stripy duvet cover. It might not be to your taste, but it will certainly be preferred to anything over the top. We have some great choices of stripy duvet covers from Feathers and Black, Marks and Spencer or John Lewis.

Colours should play a big role in your decision as well. Teenage boys tend to be against anything to bright or shiny, and much prefer the darker, more subtle colours. House of Fraser do a great one with different blends of grey and brown that look stylish but not too grown up.

Another factor to consider for teenagers might be, well, how shall we put it, body odours. Excessive sweating is experienced by most boys that age. So choosing a duvet cover made from natural fibre is certainly a good idea cos it absorbs the sweat and doesn’t take on the odour to make the linen smell after one night. A great choice would be the John Lewis Easycare Egyptian Cotton Duvet Covers. It comes in grey, latte, mocha and marine, so certainly teenage boys colours. You might think that Egyptian cotton is a bit too extravagant for a teenager, but you might reconsider when you see the price. It’s fantastic value for money and you can get the single duvet cover for as little as £30. It doesn’t get much better than that.

So we’ve found you a great choice of lots of different options that would all be well received by even the moodiest of teenagers. So take a look and check things over and we’re sure you’re gonna find something that you will be happy with as well.

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