Duvet Covers for Teenage Girls

It’s not easy being a teenage girl. Your parents are probably trying to convince you that you’re still a little girl, you are feeling all confused about what you really want. All you know is that you don’t want that silly girly stuff, what with all hearts, cupcake designs or farmyard animal stuff. But god beware of the boring bed linen from mum and dad. No, something different is what you want. But what? Arrrrgh.

Well, we’ve done our research and have come up with a great selection of duvet covers, all approved by teenage girls and all suitably different to pink little girls’ stuff and boring grown up stuff.

We have included some designer bedlinen from such fabulous names such as PiP Studio, Cath Kidston, Lisa Stickley, Kas and Orla Kiely. They have created some wonderful duvet covers that any teenage girl would improve off and that would fit well in many a differently styled rooms.

Another thing that is sometimes hard to understand when you’re a teenager is that there is a limit on the money they can spend. It seems unfair to them that their parents might not be able to spend over a hundred pounds on the bedlinen of their choice. We have therefore included a few more budget options which are just as lovely and good quality.

Take the John Lewis Easycare Egyptian Cotton Duvet Covers for example. They come for as little as £30 for a single duvet cover and really are proper luxurious Egyptian cotton. So, so soft and nice on the skin and absorbing and wonderful. They might be a bit plain for a teenage girl (though they do come in several different colours) but they really lend themselves to be spiced up with some funky accessories that needn’t cost the earth. Relatives usually are at a loss what to get teenagers, so having the grandparents do get her this duvet set and then have aunties and uncles get cushions and throws will make it extra special and still wonderfully different.

However, for that extra special sweet sixteen treat, you can’t go wrong with a Cath Kidston duvet cover. They are loved by teenagers and young women in alike and are wonderfully unique and so cool. Any teenage girl will love such bedlinen and will love lying back on their bed made up with it and talk for hours to their friends on Skype.

So whether you’re on a budget or have a bit of birthday money to spend, there are some great options out there. We have found you a comprehensive selection of suitable duvet covers for your teenage girls. So rather than having to browse through so many websites that are full of stuff that’s not right, we have made it easy for you and found the best selection of great bed sets for teenage girls. They are all from such reputable retailers such as John Lewis and House of Fraser with great service and even better prices.

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