About Egyptian Cotton Bed Linen

Egyptian Cotton is the king amongst the duvet covers. It’s the highest quality and makes all the difference to your sleep.

Have you ever stayed in a high end hotel? Can you remember the fantastic feeling of the soft luxurious bed linen on your skin? There you go, that’s Egyptian Cotton for you.

Whenever I stayed in a hotel like that I would always sleep heavenly and would treasure the moment I slipped into the sheets and it would feel so special and wonderful. It never occurred to me that it could be so easily reproduced at home. I always thought of it as some kind of special hotel secret. Well, the secret is out. It’s Egyptian Cotton.

When I realised how easily I could have the same feeling in my own bedroom, I was overjoyed. Another thing that never occurred to me was how affordable it would be. There are some great Egyptian Cotton Duvet Covers around that don’t cost the earth.

The John Lewis Easycare Egyptian Cotton Duvet Covers for example is fantastic value for money. A single duvet cover costs as little as £30 yet you get real Egyptian Cotton in a wide range of colours. My personal favourite is the colour Oyster. It’s very subtle and fits in nearly all bedroom themes, yet it’s different to just white. The thread count is 200 and it feels ever so soft to the touch.

The price is so reasonable that even with a small budget this would make a lovely and special Christmas present. Or a treat for yourself without having to spend the family’s holiday budget.

However, if you really, really want to treat yourself, why not consider a 400 thread count Egyptian cotton duvet cover. How about the Nuit Jour Bedding from Dotmaison. It’s hand embroidered design and white combed 400 thread count. When it comes to bedding it doesn’t get much better or more sophisticated than that. It might seem a little indulgent but I always tell myself that I’d rather miss out on a few take away meals and safe that money and then get a real proper treat like this wonderful bed set. It will last you forever and will make it so special to go to bed. Did you know that you spend a third of your life sleeping? Well, that really justifies spending a bit of money on your bedding, doesn’t it.

Other than feeling wonderful to the touch, Egyptian Cotton has other advantages. It is the perfect bedding for all seasons. It feels wonderfully cool in hot summer and is very absorbent and it is brilliant to snuggle up in in winter and it will keep your body heat in and make it feel all warm and comfortable.

Egyptian Cotton

Bed linen of such high quality is also good to keep clean. It doesn’t hold on to smells and stains and it being a natural fibre it is best for your skin as well.

So Egyptian cotton might not change your whole life, but it will certainly improve your sleep and it will give you that feeling of being treated, that feeling of luxury that sometimes makes a big difference. No matter how bad your day was, retiring into some Egyptian cotton sheets will certainly make any niggles seem smaller and will make your dreams that much sweeter.

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