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The first time I experienced flannel duvet covers was during a skiing holiday in Austria. It was cold, I was weary, I hated the idea of even getting undressed and into pyjamas and then I slipped into bed and covered myself with the heavy feather duvet and I felt like I was lying down in a warm cloud. It was absolutely fantastic and I’ve been a convert ever since. The duvet covers felt just so soft and gentle and it literally felt pre warmed. That is my dream come true, a bed that is pre warmed without having to do anything for it.

So before you get all judgy on me and think I must be an old bird with comfort over style and such, bear with me and hear me out. After my eye opening experience I’ve tried to get myself some of this magic stuff but found it really hard to buy any. It’s just not popular here in the UK. But I don’t understand why. People might say, it’s because we don’t have as harsh a winter as them lot on the continent, which is true, but normally us Brits are obsessed with keeping warm. Obsessed I tell you. We all have fireplaces in our houses and love a cosy fire, a hot cup of tea and a warming stew. Hell, I know at least 3 of my friends (all women under the age of 40) who have been known to go to bed with a hot water bottle from September till May. I won’t even mention electric blankets. So what with our badly insulated, draughty houses, why don’t we like flannel duvet covers?

Well, my answer is that all the Brits really do like a certain style to their homes. And having a flannel duvet cover doesn’t fit that picture that everyone has of themselves. It seems unstylish and old fashioned.

Well, it still is a bit difficult to find the most stylish of flannel linen, but there are some good ones out there and we have found them all for you. Some of them are even quite funky and with the right set of accessories can really be stylish in your bedroom.

So if you are at all suffering in winter and delay bedtime just because you want your partner to go first to warm up the bed for you, then you should seriously consider flannel bed linen. It really does give you a pre warmed bed without having to bring in the old water bottle and it feels so soft and luxurious it makes you want to bring bedtime forward and forward. Just the thought of slipping into your soft and gentle sheets will brighten your day and will make you hurry up dinner just so you can snuggle up with a cup of tea and a book in bed at 8. Honestly!

So try it out, get your own personal bed warmer and make sure that it gets all the praise it deserves in the UK. Over on the continent they all have them and they couldn’t be more pleased. And I’m with them on that and so will you be.

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