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In recent years, people are turning to more eco-friendly ways of life. Most people recycle, and try to look after the planet in any way they can. This also means buying products which are better for you and better for the world in general. A lot of products on offer to buy are now labeled as ‘organic’. One of these products is organic cotton. There are twenty-two countries over the world that are providers of natural organic cotton. Some of these include Peru, Burkina Faso, Syria, Tanzania, China, Turkey and the USA. It is mostly grown in subtropical plantations. The production system involved focuses on maintaining or replenishing the richness of the soil, and completely cutting down the use of harmful fertilisers and toxins.

Replacing insecticides with natural products means that the insect population go unharmed, maintaining a healthy ecosystem, and the soils are kept toxin-free. Pest control is regulated through the location of the planting. Biodiversity is conserved, and soil erosion is kept to a minimum.

Organic cotton is now becoming more and more widespread, with products including bags, clothes, as well as bed linen. But what exactly is the difference between your normal sheets and their organic alternative?

The bedding you usually buy is probably a fifty-fifty mix of polyester and cotton, and the manufacturing process probably includes some kind of synthetic chemical. However, organic cotton is completely natural. The cotton is grown naturally, without the use of any chemicals or GM products on crops. Therefore, the bedding that is made from the organic cotton has not been chemically treated in any way. They are also completely biodegradable. Recyclable sheets do not leave behind any toxins in the ground.

You spend about a third of your life in bed, so you want to make the time there as pleasant as possible. You can buy organic bedding for any part of your bedroom. Products include pillowcases, sheets, duvet covers, blankets, pillows and mattresses. If you want a mattress, some are completely organic, made entirely from cotton. Others are an organic cotton and wool mix, so it’s still 100% natural products.

Getting yourself organic cotton sheets makes sense if you have particularly sensitive skin. You’re less likely to have an allergic reaction to hypoallergenic sheets. Natural organic cotton sheets will also help keep your body temperature at an appropriate level during the night. They also tend to be a lot softer than polyester mix sheets, and therefore are more comfortable.

Supporting the organic farm industry by buying organic cotton sheets is also an advantage. By encouraging these industries, you will be helping to reduce the spread of harmful chemicals across the earth and in the air. So not only will you make a difference to your sleep, you’ll make a difference to the environment.
You might have to go to a specialist retailer to find organic cotton sheets. As they are still quite rare, it might be easier to search for them online and get them delivered straight to your door.

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